Green packaging is hot

ICIS Chemical Business released this Monday its feature on packaging and from what the magazine’s editors have found out is that sustainability is definitely becoming more ingrained within this industry mostly driven by consumer demand. The benefits of cost-cutting and energy saving also add to packaging players’ enthusiasm over this trend.

In the article “Green Way Packers“, industry players ranging from packaging manufacturers to consumer goods retailers, reported that their companies have increased their initiatives on sustainable packaging. In turn, packaging additives suppliers in the chemical industry are responding to this trend by offering more solutions on how they can make their materials more sustainable.In the issue of “Plastic Bag Bans“, several US cities have already adopted or are currently considering placing bans or fees on plastic shopping bags. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is said to have been mobilizing residents of those cities against the initiatives.

The food industry is considered the biggest trendsetter when it comes to sustainable packaging according to this article “Wrapped for Good“. Convenience, however, remains a top priority for food shoppers and it is up to the value chain to combine convenience and sustainability in their packaged food offerings.

In the European market, the packaging sector is trying to comply to consumer demand for environment-friendly packaging and at the same time make their products more marketable and still affordable. In the article “Boxing Clever“, brand owners, retail chains, packaging producers and their raw material suppliers are said to be responding to these consumer preferences while cutting costs, particularly in energy and fuel consumption.

Finally, one of the magazine’s editor tried to live for a week without using any plastic packaging. It was one of her toughest assignment yet and probably would not do it again…

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