Hydrogen from sewage

Here’s one interesting development in the hydrogen arena.

Researchers in the College of Engineering at Oregon State University said they have developed a technology for producing hydrogen gas using several types of biowaste including ordinary municipal sewage. The hydrogen produced is said to be at a much lower cost than using the traditional “electrolysis” technology.

“In the laboratory we’re already quite close to the Department of Energy hydrogen cost goal of $2 to $3 per gasoline gallon equivalent, or GGE,” said Hong Liu, an OSU assistant professor of biological and ecological engineering. “With some additional research it should be possible to scale these systems up to levels needed for commercial use.”

The principles of the technology is based on microbial electrolysis cells, the researchers said. Another added conceptual benefit to this technology is that it could clean up the sewage while producing hydrogen at the same time.

Imagine sewage systems all over the world that produces hydrogen and clean water at the same time!

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