New green chems and a notice

The green blogger is indisposed for the rest of the week doing her real job. She promised to make it up for it next week. For now, here is September’s new green chemical picks to chew on:

1. Rohm and Haas plastic additiveRohm and Haas showcased a new additive Paraloid™ BPMS 250 melt strength enhancer for use in polylactic acid plastic in clear packaging applications such as thermoform or vacuform disposable, clamshell-type food containers.2. Lyondell’s resins -LyondellBasell has commercialized a family of newly patented Lupolen high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins that offer improved resistance to bio-diesel which may be of interest to manufacturers of automotive plastic fuel tanks.

3. Sabic auto plasticSABIC Innovative Plastics and Azdel, Inc. have launched their new hybrid thermoplastic composite grade, IXISÒ 157, a continuous glass fiber-reinforced sandwich composite for automotive horizontal body panels. The composites have the potential to make a large contribution to improved fuel efficiency.

4. DuPont plastic additive - DuPont introduced its renewably sourced Biomax® Thermal 300 heat-stabilizing modifier that allows polylactic acid thermoformed packaging to withstand elevated temperatures during transport, storage and use.

5. Vertec biosolvents - Vertec BioSolvents launched its new ELSOL™-NMPR blend, an environmentally friendly replacement for N-Methylpyrrolidone, which is used in the inks and coatings market.

6. Green Earth biolube - Green Earth Technologies’ biodegradable G-Lube lubricant penetrating oil, for freeing sticky mechanisms and unlocking frozen parts, is now in the retail market.

7. Honeywell green fertilizer - Honeywell introduced Sulf-N® 26 fertilizer, a highly-effective, safer ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer with significantly lower explosive potential.
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