Soy in urinals

No, you won’t see any soybean plant sprouting in men’s bathroom anytime soon.This No-Flush urinal does not only saves water but the resin being used is made up of 30% soybean-based resin. US-based Waterless Company LLC, the maker of the urinals, said the weight percentage of soy resins in their product will likely increase as the manufacturing technology evolves.

“The High Performance Composite urinal models look and function just as its other waterless urinals do,” says Niki Bradley, marketing manager for Waterless Co. LLC. “Users will notice no appearance or functionality difference. However, each urinal will come with a label stating that it is made partially with soybean resin.”

The soy-based urinals are now available in the US but the company also plans to market the urinals in other parts of the world.Here is an instructional video on how to clean and maintain a Waterless urinal. It sounds a little gross but my big question is why do men throw away bottle caps and bubble gums in their urinals???

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