Beef liver in car fuel

The American Institute of Chemical Engineer’s (AIChE) Centennial annual meeting in Philadephia next week will prove to be an exciting event especially with its much-awaited 10th annual Chem-E car competition in November 16.

Different US university teams will race small cars powered by their futuristic idea of alternative fuels from different chemical reactions such as beef liver and hydrogen peroxide, Mentos® and Coca Cola®, and homemade fuel cells.

If you want to get kids to be excited in green chemistry, this is definitely one way to do it. I wish we had this type of competition when I was taking my bachelor in ChE!!

AIChE officials said the conference will also look back at life-changing chemical engineering innovations – from catalytic converters in cars; other clean energy technologies; the development of unique materials such as Tupperware, Styrofoam, and nylons; to medical breakthroughs in pharmaceutical production and drug delivery.

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