Chemicals enhance green Jaymobile

Plastic producer SABIC says it was able to help Jay Leno’s lean green 650 horsepower EcoJet machine to be more fuel efficient using the company’s lightweight Lexan GLX resin.

The talk-show host of the Tonight Show has been working with General Motor’s design team in building his biodiesel-fueled EcoJet supercar, which combines racecar-like performance and muscular design with “green principles”.

SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Lexan GLX polycarbonate resin coated with their abrasion-resistant Exatec® 900 glazing is said to allow GM’s Advanced Design Studio to create a sleek yet durable glazing elements for the EcoJet,including windscreen, side windows and roof panel.

“Using Lexan GLX resin instead of glass enabled the car a weight savings of about 50 percent for better fuel economy,” says Sabic. “The American Plastics Council reports that for each 10 percent reduction in vehicle weight, mileage increases by 7%.”

Sabic says it is also offering its Lexan line of glazing solution in residential and commercial buildings application to help reduce energy costs. Its 9-wall Lexan Thermoclear sheet can be used in applications such as flat glazing of sunrooms, conservatories, and rooflights, shopping centers, office buildings, and factories.

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