Granite countertops are safe

A study financed by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) reported that granite countertops will not turn anybody into a mutant.

The environmental and engineering consulting services, EH&E, analyzed different varieties of granite countertops and stones (around 115 varieties were tested) and reported that the quantities of radiation and radon emitted from the samples were all below average levels of concentration specified by the US Environment Protection Agency and [or] the European Commission standards.

There had been several media reports that came out in July stating potential radiation emitted from granite countertops, which has become very popular in US kitchens in the past few years.

EH&E says a person is more likely to have a fatal fall from bed than to develop a health problem related to the most common granite countertops.

“Our research shows that some of the reports published by the media significantly exaggerate risk because they report raw data without considering real-world conditions as commonly defined by the scientific community. It is very important to put the results of these product evaluations into a context that is meaningful for the consumer.”

The stone slabs found to emit at higher levels, but still well below average outdoor background levels, emphasized EH&H, are said to represent less than 1 percent of sales of the U.S. market for granite countertops.

For those who have granite countertops (Unfortunately…or maybe fortunately I can’t afford one), just make sure you are not included in that less-than-one percent-range.

3 Responses to Granite countertops are safe

  1. Govindan 12 December, 2008 at 1:13 pm #

    This news comes at a great relief, the health hazard issue related to granite countertops was misconstrued.

  2. Rev,Martin Dave 22 August, 2009 at 10:00 am #

    do you sell countertops.

  3. grant 3 November, 2009 at 4:42 am #

    That’s what I thought. I could never believe there was anything like that with granite countertops. All that was written perhaps just to influence the market, who knows …

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