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Maybe a low carbon economy might give jobs back not only to the US manufacturing sector (solar, wind, hybrid cars) but to the now jobless members of the financial institution as well.

I received an email this week about the growing carbon trading market and the current need for consultants, bankers, brokers, investors and traders:

Dear Doris,

As I’m sure you are aware the Kyoto / Carbon space continues to grow exponentially, and there is an ever increasing demand for talented people who can service the requirements of industry players; whether it be Consultancies, Project developers, Aggregators, right through to Energy trading, Investment Banking and Private Equity.

XXXXXX XXXXX has had a dedicated Carbon recruitment desk for over 18 months, when it became apparent that this market was set to become an industry in itself. The roles we typically deal with all stem from Kyoto’s Mechanisms; CDM/JI and Emissions Trading, and our coverage and geographical reach is as extensive as the market demands. We boast an impressive track record of permanent placements for roles ranging from CDM/JI Originators to Brokers to Consultants to Co2 Traders in companies ranging from small Carbon Aggregators ranging to major Financial Institutions, in countries ranging from UK to Europe to South America to Russia, and most recently USA.

If you are interested to find out what opportunities we currently have on our books, or if you are looking to expand your existing Carbon finance set up; please get in touch and I’m sure we will be able to provide an appropriate solution to meet your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Company Name


Unfortunately this job offer was from London although the company does look legit. But the point here is that with the jobless rate in the US hitting a 14-year low with already a total of 1.2m jobs lost this year (according to the NY Times), maybe an infused of a new kind of market will help resuscitate this sputtering economy.

We do have to remember that regulating a low carbon economy might be needed in order to avoid another financial disaster in the future.
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  1. Pradeep 14 November, 2008 at 1:14 am #

    I was at this conference this week. It was interesting to see various companies operating in the space you mention and learn more about what they do.

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