My last political post for the day

Here is a better insight on Obama and McCain’s green positions from

McCain is said to have a 24% green voting record while Obama has an 87% green voting record according to the League of Conservation (LCV) Voters Scorecard. Also, the oil and gas industry reportedly donated $1.7 million to Senator McCain and $500 thousand to Senator Obama.

“The 110th Congress began with great promise of bringing about a new energy economy, especially with the first increase in fuel economy of cars and light trucks in a generation,” said LCV Legislative Director Tiernan Sittenfeld. “The success of 2007 should have led to even more progress in 2008, but a vocal minority of Big Oil allies instead turned the year into a series of missed opportunities and major steps backward.”

Come tomorrow, will it Be Drill, Baby, Drill? Or Green Jobs, Baby, Green Jobs? It could also be both or it could be none…

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