Ohio launches biosoy program

The State of Ohio is seeing green in soybeans, and not just from food and biofuel applications.

The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC), Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC) and Polymer Ohio, recently launched its “Cell to Sell” soy technology program to accelerate commercialization of soybean-based industrial products and chemicals. The program will reportedly provide credible, timely source of information to assist Ohio agricultural, manufacturing and research collaborators in the commercial development and utilization of soy-based products.

“The ultimate goal is to assemble as many soy technologies as possible into the database, evaluate them and perform a techno-economic analysis on the top technologies in a group session,” said Kenneth Anderson, OBIC Soy Initiative Project Leader. “The process is expected to surface high potential soy products with industrial applications.”

With the program, the groups expect to enhance the global competitiveness of Ohio chemical and polymer companies via utilization of bioproducts, with an emphasis on soy-based products. Current soy-based products now include industrial lubricants, adhesives, plastics and foams, and soy diesel.

By the way, our friends from United Soybean Board just released their new and fresh soy chemicals of the month:1. Soy fuel additive – Renewable Lubricants said their soy-based fuel conditioner Bio-Power can help your diesel engine ease through the winter. The additive for conventional diesel fuel can improve fuel economy, reduce black smoke exhaust and lessen engine noise. It can also improve cleanliness as well as prevent gelling and icing in low temperatures.

2. Soy oven cleaner – Clean Environment Company’s soy-based biodegradable oven cleaner does not emit fumes and is simple to clean with: Just apply to surface, let stand, and then scrub it off with water.

3. Anti-allergen soy spray – Gemtek’s Aller Safe soy-based spray is a natural anti-allergen spray that neutralizes allergens, making them unrecognizable to the body’s immune system. It can be applied to water-safe surfaces such as linens, upholstery and carpet that collect pet dander and dust, and reportedly lasts several weeks or up to washing.

4. Soy logs – The soy-based Switchfire Logs by Farmed Fuels is made of more than 50 percent soy with the remaining ingredient being switchgrass. Not only is this log a renewable fuel, but the company claims it also has a sweet smell as it burns.

5. Soy sanitizer – A soy-based, waterless hand sanitizer gel made by Franmar Chemical Company not only keeps hands clean, but also softens them with soy proteins. The company claims this natural hand sanitizer kills more than 99 of germs.

6. Soy bathroom cleaner – Bi-O-Kleen Industries offers its Soy Cream Cleaner and Soy Toilet Scrub that polish porcelain without leaving behind unsightly scratches, pull the muck and mildew out of grout, and deodorize oft-used bathroom fixtures.

7. Soy stain-removal – Gemtek’s line of soy-based laundry products include an additive, detergent and stain remover. Like traditional detergents, the soy-based laundry detergents help fight stains such as grease, fats and sugars. Just dab the compound on the stain, gently knead it into the stain and allow the garment to soak before washing.

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