Dow Corning in billion dollar solar investments

Thanks to Jeff (of Apco Worldwide) for providing me with this news about Dow Corning investing several billion dollars to construct a new monosilane manufacturing facility in Hemlock, Michigan, and a new site in a new site in Clarksville, Tennessee, to increase manufacturing capacity for polycrystalline silicon.

Dow Corning says the investment will provide critical raw materials to solar cell manufacturers. Crystalline-based solar cells use sliced polysilicon as its main semi-conducting material, while thin-film solar cells are made by depositing a thin film of silicon, enabled by monosilane, onto a sheet of another material such as glass.

The company also emphasized the fact that this kind of manufacturing investment will provide new, high-paying jobs to revitalize the US economy. These type of investments could also prove that the chemical manufacturing industry in the US is far from dead. We need chemical manufacturing in order for the world to be green and stay in modern civilization at the same time!

You can read the official press release here. Other recent solar-related announcements made by Dow Corning are also listed on the press release.

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