Holiday green gifts

Christmas is over, school is out (at least temporarily) and I am finally able to get a few moments to access the internet and wish the green blog readers a very Happy Holidays!

I’ve been compiling news announcements of several green consumer products launch for months in time for the holidays. I wonder if they’re really eco-friendly or is this just another marketing ploy to grab consumers’ green bucks. The question is: With the economic recession in full force, will green product innovation suffer?

1. Eco-friendly mattressSimmons Bedding Company launched early this year its Natural Care mattresses featuring natural latex, soy-based polyols from Dow Chemical, and fabric cover made from wood fibers. I hope they don’t come with natural bedbugs!2. Green running shoes – Brooks Sports says its Trance 8 support shoe now has the company’s patented BioMoGo biodegradable midsole. Extensive tests prove that BioMoGo can biodegrade in roughly 20 years when placed in the same environment.

3. Solar car sunroof - car sales might get a boost with this new solar sunroof from Sunrise Solar Corp. The solar sunroof will generate electricity to recharge the vehicle’s batteries while simultaneously cooling the car when parked in a hot climate or warm the car when parked in a cooler climate.

4. Green room sanitizer - The lamp that kills!…germs that is. Ozone Man‘s new Eliminator 7-14 Ocidal room sanitizing device employs ultra high output ultraviolet (UV) clean ozone and UV germicidal lamps and has an internal antimicrobial killfield. No need for harmful chemicals the company said.

5. VOC-free paint -
this is not your ordinary boring house paint. UK-based Superstars Ceilings says their glow-in-the-dark paint free of VOC (volatile organic compounds) is certified child-safe and eco-friendly. Make your kids’ rooms glow for the coming New Year with this eco-friendly paint!

6. Eco-litter box - this invention might look weird (to you and your cat) at first but Feline Evolution says its CatSeat allows for a Green Filter(TM) that can help save the lives of Sea Otters on California’s Pacific Coast by providing proper disposal of cat waste. The CatSeat reportedly eliminates a cat’s dependence on litter gradually. A nice gift for your eco-loving cat!

7. Green diaper bag - now that you’ve taken care of your cat, it’s time to take care of your baby with this new Wee Generation Eco-Diaper Bag by Seventh Generation. The recyclable Wee Generation Eco-Diaper Bag features PVC-free material made from recycled beverage bottles.

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