Meet Mr. Ellie Pooh

I seem to be getting a lot of animal-based news this week. Here’s another one forwarded by my secret informant from the American Oil Chemists Society.

A company called Mr. Ellie Pooh (yes, that is really their name) has recently received CO-OP America‘s 2008 Green Business Leader Award. This innovative Brooklyn, NY-based company sells 100% handmade journals, stationery, office supplies and various grades of paper made partially from Sri Lankan elephant dung.

Mr. Ellie Pooh paper products are said to be made up of 75% elephant dung and 25% post consumer paper. Only basic bonding agents such as alum and rosin, and water soluble salt dyes for coloring are used in its process.

According to CO-OP America, Sri Lankan elephants are killed not for their tusks, hides or meat but because they are in the way of agricultural crops, and that Mr. Ellie Pooh is working to encourage farmers to see elephants as a sustainable economic resource.

Along with their Sri Lankan partner and paper-production company Maximus, Mr. Ellie Pooh plans to introduce “Project Peace Paper,” which would open paper re-cycling plants in rural areas, train villagers in paper making techniques and sell finished goods worldwide in order to contribute to the local economy.

Congratulations to Mr. Ellie Pooh and may your company prosper! Now that’s a cause that should not be sniffed at!

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