Weekly News Roundup

The weird NY warm/freezing weather of December (and deadline work/school pressures) has unfortunately struck the green blogger with a very bad case of cold and unable to form a coherent post.

She will try to get some worthwhile green information while recovering but for now will leave you with last week’s news roundup.

Air Products in Solar
Air Products has signed a turnkey gas supply contract to provide on-site gases, liquid bulk gases, specialty gases and gas equipment to China’s Best Solar Hi Tech Co., Ltd, which is building a new thin-film photovoltaic (PV) facility in the Wuzhong Economic Development Park in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

Bioproducts trials
Packaging distributor Vital Products has conducted several additional commercial trials of its new Bio-Based packaging foam technology. The company says it has begun the process of converting their customers over to their new Bio-Based foam products.Miners in geothermal project
Copper King Mining Corporation has entered into a strategic association with a private entity for the evaluation and probable acquisition and development of a substantial previously-identified geothermal energy project with up to 400 MW of potential generating capacity.

Fuel cell fundraising
UK-based ACAL Energy Ltd has completed a £3.3M ($4.96m) fundraising round, which will be used to take the company to the next stage of development of their ground breaking low cost fuel cell systems, based on its novel platinum-free cathode technology. Chemical company Solvay is one of the investors, taking 13% stake in the company.

New Green Index
Global index company, the FTSE group expanded their FTSE Environmental Opportunities Index Series with the addition of nine new indices. The expansion offers additional granularity by identifying and segmenting the renewable energy, energy efficiency, water, and waste management markets and will appeal to investors seeking to access the growing low-carbon economy.

And in ICIS news (which requires subscription):
The European Commission plans to draw up a list of potentially hazardous substances that could be banned in electrical and electronic products.

Bio-based ethanol as an alternative feedstock for the global petrochemical industry is not sustainable according to Middle Eastern chemical company Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co.

Changes to the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) will not force chemical companies to relocate, according to a new study by Climate Strategies, a European network of climate policy experts.

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