Eco Recruiting now opens

I’m working on an article this week about the new breed of corporate sustainability management and out of the blue (or maybe green in my case), I received this email about Eco Recruiting and the need for qualified experienced executives especially within the alternative energy sector.

The recruitment firm Charet and Associates, who formed its new Eco Recruiting Unit, says there will be a shortage of executives dealing in alternative energy. I guess those in the financial and manufacturing sectors should start dusting off their suits and prepare their resumes. For more information, pls. check out Charet and Associates’ press release below:


Company Brings Executive Search Services to Clean Energy Industry

CRESSKILL, N.J. (January 5, 2009)–Charet & Associates, a national search firm with more than 20 years of executive search experience, has opened a unit, Eco Recruiting Group, to provide professional search capabilities to the alternate energy industry.

In anticipation of the boon to the clean energy industry when President-elect Barack Obama’s stimulus plan is approved, Sandy Charet, an executive recruiter, has teamed up for this endeavor with Gary Epstein, an architect and business consultant. The new administration’s energy plan is expected to create more than a million new jobs through investment in alternative and renewable energy. The shortage of qualified, experienced professionals in this sector warrants the specialized help of search firms and The Eco Recruiting Group is poised to help as needs arise.

Most small alternate energy companies have suffered due to the lack of capital in recent months. The Eco Recruiting Group identifies investor relations talent to bring investors to wind, solar, natural gas and related energy companies. The firm also conducts searches for leaders in human resources, marketing, finance and other management roles.

“The clean energy industry will need to advocate for beneficial policies once the new administration rolls out its economic recovery plan, and they will need qualified professionals in place to accomplish their goals” said Charet, president of Charet & Associates, which has specialized in search for the investor and public relations industry for more than 20 years. “The idea of my firm assisting in some way, in this movement towards a cleaner environment and less dependence on foreign oil, is very satisfying.”

The Eco Recruiting Group is based in New Jersey, with offices in Florida and California.

Contact: Sandy Charet, President
Charet & Associates

FYI: You will see more of my sustainability management article when it comes out on February 2 issue of ICIS Chemical Business.

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