Green chem JVs

Two interesting green chem joint ventures were announced this week.

Dow Chemical and German specialty chemicals company Sud-Chemie agreed to research alternative routes in producing chemicals. Converting synthesis gas from coal or biomass to chemicals is one such route, according to the companies. They aim to make this process more efficient and economically viable using innovative syngas catalysts.

They plan to initiate the program in April and experiments will be conducted in The Netherlands at Dow’s Terneuzen site and at Sud-Chemie’s catalyst research and development centers located in Germany and the U.S.

Also in the Netherlands, ingredient company Royal Cosun and technology firm Avantium said they will join forces to develop a specific process for the production of a new generation of bioplastics and biofuels from selected organic waste streams. Avantium is developing these bioplastics and biofuels under the name ‘Furanics’.

The duration of the first phase of the collaboration will be approximately two years. With positive results, the companies intend to scale-up the production technology and implement it on commercial scale.

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