Green chemistry in ICIS

ICIS Chemical Business (the magazine I work for) published on Monday several interesting articles on the fields of green and chemistry.

I already mentioned in my previous post about the growth of carbon capture technology and its potential for chemical companies. An article titled Green is in the air interviewed Air Products’ head of the Sustainability Council, Norma Curby who said that industrial gases are a vital component to enable the development of energy-efficient products and sustainable energy sources.On page 16 (if you are a magazine subscriber but if not, the article is still free to access online) an article entitled “Moving On Up” talked about the expanding adoption of the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry by Paul Anastas and John Warner. Environment-friendly chemistry has now moved to the mainstream of chemical manufacturing.

Sustainability, carbon accounting and other climate change-based activities are now major factors in business decision-making for chemical companies according to the article “The End of the beginning?” Standardized green metrics, however, is much needed to benchmark performances.

An article entitled “An Unlikely Alliance” talked about the future of the European biodiesel industry. The green groups blamed the biofuel industry in general for soaring food costs last year and promoting irresponsible land use. A legislation late last year was passed in Germany cutting off tax breaks for soy and palm-derived biodiesel.

The bioplastic industry was also analyzed in the article “Last Drop?” Some say bioplastics can offer a more sustainable alternative to petrochemical-based products but others claimed that they are not green enough and that traditional plastics could still be environmentally preferable.

Finally, the article “Divided paths” looked at the chemical industry’s program Responsible Care, which will celebrate its 25th year in 2010. The program is expected to expand its focus, which started on traditional environment and health issues, to encompassing social and economic issues as well.

Hopefully, you’ll have plenty of information to sift through. Happy Reading!
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