NYC mayor plans to tax plastic bag

I just received a press release from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) berating Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to tax New York city residents on their use of grocery plastic bags.

City Hall proposed that stores charge customers a 5 cent fee for each plastic carryout bag, which would raise $84m/year for the city. New York City would be the only major U.S. city to charge its residents a tax on grocery bags, says ACC.

“Taxes on plastic bags don’t make sense for the environment. The overwhelming majority of states and cities that have looked at this issue have concluded that recycling is the sound solution for reducing waste and controlling litter,” said Sharon Kneiss, ACC vice president of products divisions.

ACC added that the proposal will further burden NYC residents at the current economic environment.

As a NYC resident, I totally agree. I use cloth bag but it’s not often that I remember to carry it with me when I impulsively decide to go to the corner pharmacy or grocery store. And it will now cost me 5c. just to line my little bathroom waste can!

2 Responses to NYC mayor plans to tax plastic bag

  1. Pradeep 1 February, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    Taxes on plastic bags make sense when the money generated from taxation is used appropriately.
    I dont get the logic behind taxing plastic bag use. I recently came across a LCA comparing paper and plastic bags here, and it seems that the former have higher environmental impacts compared to the latter.

  2. Manhattan 4 September, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    I agree with the move for both the income and for the environmental reasons. Lets get back to paper bags or at least encourage reusable bags. They don’t even ask “paper or plastic” in New York anymore. They just give you plastic.

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