E-waste dumping in Nigeria

Here’s another interesting development from our Greenpeace friends in the UK.

According to the group, a 3-year investigation from their researchers found that certain electronic wastes (such as an unfixable TV with a tracking device) are illegally dumped to Nigeria instead of supposedly being recycled to (in this case) the Hampshire County Council.

Greenpeace said the county’s recycling company BJ Electronics passed it on as second hand goods and shipped it to Nigeria.

Hampshire County Council said they are disappointed with the findings and will launch a full investigation…as soon as Greenpeace provides a copy of their evidence and footage.

UK recycling company, Electrolink Recycling, immediately put out a statement that they are concern about the allegations even though they are not involved in the Greenpeace investigation. Electrolink said there is more than enough capacity and skills in the UK recycling industry to deal with the European Commission’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

The EU WEEE regulations have been under fire recently as it has failed to reduce widespread illegal dumping of e-waste to non-EU countries.
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