Green chemicals of the month

2009 started with a lot of new green chemical offerings ranging from the cleaning industry, to automobile and construction. Here are some of the selected ones mostly in the plastic arena.

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1. Nissan’s eco-paint - Nissan Motor Co. launched in Japan its environment-friendly, water-based paints for aftermarket application under the “PITWORK” brand. The paint is said to contain half the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared with conventional paints in the marketplace.

2. NatureWorks new bioplastic - NatureWorks LLC introduced its Ingeo™ 3251D, a new and improved injection molding grade of Ingeo™ biopolymer. The new Ingeo™ grade is designed specifically for the consumer goods segments such as electronics, cosmetics, housewares, toys and custom molding.3. Denso’s plant-based radiator - DENSO Corporation has developed a plant-derived resin radiator tank using an organic compound derived from castor-oil. DENSO will start mass-producing this new product in Spring of 2009 for vehicles sold worldwide.

4. Ashland’s recycled resin - Ashland introduced its new formulation of its Envirez resin technology for pultrusion application. ENVIREZ 50380 resin is said to contain recycled materials and contributes to LEED points under Materials and Resource Credits 4.1 and 4.2.

5. Rohm and Haas biodiesel pretreatment - Rohm and Haas introduced its AMBERSEP™ BD19 feedstock purification technology for biodiesel, a pretreatment step designed to be used together with its AMBERLYST™ BD20 solid esterification catalyst. Together, the system is a cost-effective solution to convert all free fatty acids to biodiesel.

6. Chemtura’s green PVC additives - Chemtura launched their new, Mark® mixed metal, liquid stabilizer range of additives for PVC that are free of ptBBA (para-tertiarybutyl benzoic acid), nonyl phenol and 2-EHA (2-ethyl hexanoic acid). The substances in the mixed metals are said to have been successfully pre-registered under REACH.

7. Akzo Nobel PLA additives - AkzoNobel and PURAC have developed additives through a specific organic peroxide technology for the production of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) bioplastic. The AkzoNobel-PURAC peroxide technology is said to be exclusively available to PURAC lactide partners.

8. Dow’s biodegradable surfactant - Dow Chemical introduced a new line of biodegradable specialty surfactants for hard surface cleaning applications under ECOSURF EH. The surfactants are aid to meet the criteria for the US EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) surfactant screen.


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