New soy group established

There might be a soy war going on but all soy-loving/producing groups in the US are still working together to help their industry overcome the current economic hardship.

The United Soybean Board (USB), the American Soybean Association (ASA), the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and six other state soybean checkoff boards recently formed the Soy Transportation Coalition (STC), which will comprehensively examine some of the major transportation issues impacting soybean farmers and find ways for them to save on transportation costs.

“With all the railroad infrastructure and intermodal developments taking place in Ohio, it is important for OSC to be represented on the STC board,” said Patrick Knoff, an OSC and STC board member. “The goals of this organization will benefit all of agriculture. It is my hope that the projects STC is investing in will help level the playing field for agriculture when compared to other industries.”

Some of these major challenges according to STC include:

• Overall rail rate levels and increases
• Rail fuel surcharges and other increases in associated costs
• Short-line railroad bottlenecks and switching costs to other lines
• Loss of rail service or no competitive service
• Costs of expanding facilities to handle larger units of trains

Like the corn industry, the soybean industry is becoming an important feedstock source for the biobased chemicals/products market. According to the USB, 28 new soy-based products in the areas of plastics, inks, coatings, adhesives and solvents were launched last year.

Here are some of them:

  • BioBased 2000 by Biobased Technologies – closed cell spray-foam system
  • Bio-Lux Foam by North Carolina Foam Industries – soy-foam product family
  • Dura Soy by ECO Products/ New Century Coatings – soy-based multi-purpose coating
  • Envirez 1807 by Ashland – soy-based resin for building materials
  • Envirez 1807 by Ashland – soy-based resin for vacuum bag molding
  • F-500 Bi-Solvent Precision Cleaning System by 3M – soy-based precision parts cleaning pre-wash
  • Franklin Glue – new soy-oil-based additive for adhesives
  • Fusion Hybrid UV by INX Company – soy-based ink for sheet-fed printers
  • Natural Lok by Green Products Company – soy-linseed oil blend adhesive for attaching rigid insulation to roofing
  • OSF Eco Pure by INX Company – soy-based hybrid ink for sheet-fed printers
  • Purebond by Columbia Forest Products from Hercules/Oregon State University – soy-flour-based toxin-free glue for interior plywood panels
  • Preserve Foam by Hickory Springs – soy-foam product for furniture
  • Pure EZ Lift by Athea Laboratories – soy-based lift station degreaser
  • Pure EZ Squirt by Athea Laboratories – soy-based multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser
  • Renuva – trade name of the Dow Chemical family of Natural Oil Polyols – based on soy oil
  • SG 500X by Soy Technologies – soy-based coatings additives
  • Soy Base Concrete Floor Cleaner by Cox Industries – concrete floor scrubber cleaner
  • Soy Base Xtreme by Cox Industries – heavy-duty cleaner concentrate
  • Soy Cream Cleaner by Bi-O-Kleen – kitchen and bathroom cleaner
  • Soyfoam by Lear Corp – soy-based foam for headrests and seating applications
  • Soy foam by Cargill – recticel soy-based flexible foams
  • Soy Safe Paint Stripper by Soy Safe – paint stripper
  • Soy Safe White Board Cleaner Restorer by Soy Safe – white board cleaner
  • T-29 by BioSpan Technologies – soy-based industrial hand cleaner
  • Varithane – emulsified soy oil / soy alkyd water dispersible stain (Rust Oleum Company)
  • Zep Soy Response by Zep Manufacturing – aerosol degreaser

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  1. Jennifer Wilson 5 February, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    Just wanted to clarify a product release noted in this. BioBased Technologies released Agrol Diamond, a soy polyol, in 2008, not the product that was noted. BioBased Insulation also released Soy Seal, a canned foam for consumers, in 2008.

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