Weekly news roundup

This week, I’m working on a biobutanol article for ICIS Chemical Business so stay tune for snippets of information as I dig deep into this hush-hush (as far as BP and DuPont are concerned) market development.

For now here are this week’s news roundup:

SiGNa’s new center
SiGNa Chemistry opened its new Alternative Energy Research Center in Davis, California, to support the company’s Hydrogen Generator Beta program, which will begin in second quarter 2009. The program will use SiGNa’s technology to create a unique hydrogen storage alternative for general industrial hydrogen, and portable fuel cell applications.

3M’s Renewables division
3M has formed its new Renewable Energy Division focusing on Energy Generation and Energy Management. The products within the new division will include products currently sold to the industry, new-to-the-world products invented for the renewable energy market, and products adapted from existing technologies.DuPont solar facility
DuPont installed its largest photovoltaic solar energy facility at its Pioneer Hi-Bred Waimea Research Center in Kauai, Hawaii. The installation is comprised of 1,500 panels – made from several DuPont photovoltaic materials — produced by Evergreen Solar and installed by REC Solar.

Air Products in renewable JV
Air Products and Alter NRG Corp. signed a Joint Development Agreement to pursue renewable energy opportunities in North America and Europe. The deal gives Air Products the right to license and incorporate Alter NRG’s proprietary Westinghouse Plasma Gasification technology for use in renewable energy projects.

Chinese wind acquired
Atlanta-based Navajo Wind Energy Corp. has acquired Guangzhou Jianianxiang Co. Ltd. (“GJCL”), a Chinese wind farm and power trading company.

PolymerCycle acquired
ROUND2 Inc. will acquire PolymerCycle LLC, a national processor and reseller of plastics, including ABS, PC/ABS, HIPS and PC. Effective immediately, PolymerCycle will operate as a wholly-owned company from ROUND2′s 183,000 square foot facility in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, said to be the largest electronics recycling facility in the State of Texas.

And from ICIS news (requires subscription):
Sweden’s start-up Deflamo is raising SEK 5.5m ($0.66m) to finance the development of no-bromide flame retardants.

The plastics industry in China is being encouraged by the Chinese government to focus on recycling and value addition.

Japanese chemical producer Kaneka said it will be the first in the world to commercialise flexible and heat-resistant biopolymer derived 100% from plants.

Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico reported that Dow Chemical and Brazilian ethanol maker Santelisa Vale suspended its $1bn (€770m) project to make polyethylene using ethanol as a feedstock.


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