Another bioplastic facility coming soon

The first biopolymer facility of NatureWorks (a joint venture of US agribusiness Cargill and Japanese chemical firm Teijin) has not even reached its full capacity of 140,000 tons yet and the company is now assessing a second location for another manufacturing plant.

Global demand for their bioplastic under the brand Ingeo seems to be really rising fast if the company’s current plant in Blair, Nebraska, can’t keep up with the expected bioplastic growth.

NatureWorks said they are looking for a potential new facility in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas, and is evaluating the availability of plant-based feedstock required for the bioplastic.

The company is currently using corn for raw materials. It’s Ingeo facility in Nebraska was inaugurated last year and is expected to reach full capacity by mid-2009.

“We anticipate continued advancements in the resin’s performance, as well as an increase in the number of products and applications using Ingeo™. We’re starting our assessment now, recognizing that typical timeframes for design and construction of such facilities can be three years after a decision is made,” said Marc Verbruggen, president and CEO.

[Photo of Cargill Blair, Nebraska facility]

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