Biden promotes green jobs

Here’s an op-ed from US Vice President Joe Biden about the need for green stimulus package in Philadelphia Inquirer.

The VP said the economic-recovery package that President Obama signed into law more than a week ago contains over $20 billion for investment in a cleaner, greener economy, including $500 million for green job training. He noted that green jobs will help build a strong middle class, which is America’s economic engine.

“Green jobs pay 10 to 20 percent more than other jobs,” said vice president Biden. “They also are more likely to be union jobs. Building a new power grid, manufacturing solar panels, weatherizing homes and office buildings, and renovating schools are just a few of the ways to create high-quality green jobs that strengthen the foundation of this country.”

This statement is music to the ears of clean technology, renewable energy, biotechnology and green chemistry industries.

According to the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the advanced biofuel industry can (directly and indirectly) create more than 100,000 jobs by 2012 and more than 800,000 by 2022. Around 43,500 jobs by 2012 would be from the farm sector and 4,800 jobs from R&D by 2016.

If advanced biofuel production will be increased to 45 billion gallons/year by 2030, BIO estimates that more than 400,000 jobs will be created within the industry by that time frame.

Here’s an estimated job creation scenario by BIO:

  • Agriculture – 88,400 new jobs under RFS (Renewable Fuel Standard) plan of 21 billion gal/year by 2022. Around 267,000 under 45 billion gal/year 2030 scenario.
  • Construction – 60,000 new jobs under both RFS scenario
  • Processing – 20,000/42,500 new jobs

  • Transportation – 2,000/11,300 new jobs

In other sectors, around 500,000 jobs by 2030 are expected to be created from increasing wind energy production to 20% of US demand from the current 2%; 440,000 jobs coming from the solar energy sector by 2016; and 160,000 new jobs (direct, indirect, induced) by 2030 if drilling is permitted in the outer continental shelf, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Rockies.

Do you think these projections are feasible???

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