Booming green construction

The building and construction market might be down but demand for construction chemicals geared towards green is expected to do well, according to several chemical companies.

You can check out my article on this on ICIS Chemical Business’ March 9 issue featuring commentaries from BASF, Dow Chemicals, Nova Chemicals and Ashland. Terry Knowles, a consultant from UK-based IRL, also talked about the greening of paints and coatings in his report, “Construction coatings get greener.”

By the way, Dow Chemical recently announced that all of its Styrofoam brand building insulation produced in Dalton, Georgia, are now using a zero ozone-depleting, zero VOC (volatile organic compound) foaming agent technology just in time for the Montreal Protocol deadline, which requires the phase-out of the hydrochloro-fluorocarbon (HCFC) 142b, an ozone-depleting compound by January 1, 2010.

Dow said its Dalton facility will begin shipments of the new Styrofoam insulation by the end of March, and other plants to follow throughout the year.

The building industry has been watching closely to see when manufacturers will convert and how quickly they will be able to get new product into the supply chain. STYROFOAM XPS Foam Insulation with our new foaming agent technology is exactly the right product at the exactly the right time,” said Torsten Kraef, vice president and general manager, Dow Building Solutions.

Dow said it can also still recycle scrap STYROFOAMâ„¢ XPS Foam Insulation in their plant.

Here’s one trivia by the way. In case you noticed earlier, Styrofoam is a brand name of Dow’s so the polystyrene foam cup you’re using for your coffee or those annoying white foam packaging materials that keeps sticking to your hair and hands are not called Styrofoam unless they’re made by Dow (which is doubtful).

But maybe I should Google this information first just to be sure…

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  1. Juan 23 March, 2009 at 3:31 pm #

    This is simply PR. Montreal protocol makes them do this because their core ingredient is an HCFC. They HAD to do this or stop making the product. Their competitors have an even greener process and product. They’re even starting up a LEED facility with a green XPS foam in the pacific NW.

  2. boom trucks 27 March, 2009 at 10:28 am #

    It is great that people are thinking about the environment and working to make the world a safer place. Not only the materials that you are using on your home are safe for the environment but dump trucks have come a long way since the earlier models. We are learning and expanding and coming up with a wide range of safer more effective vehicles for the work force. I think it is great that many auto manufacturers are turning to hybrid vehicles to protect the environment and now they are even using hybrid dump trucks.

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