DSM, Genencor green chem milestones

Two big green chemistry developments today are both from enzyme producers DSM and Genencor.

Netherlands-based DSM and French starch derivatives producer Roquette said that their bio-based succinic acid demo plant in Lestrem (France) will be operational by the end of 2009. Succinic acid is a chemical building block used in the manufacture of polymers, resins, food and pharmaceuticals (among other products).

The companies still plan to have a full commercial industrial production in 2011/2012.

Meanwhile, Genencor – a division of Danisco – says it begun delivering its bioisoprene to the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. The two companies collaborate on designing an integrated production system for BioIsoprene™ product, and said that they are on schedule to meet both technological and commercial milestones within the agreement. Commercial availability of the product is planned for 2013.

Traditional isoprene is used for the production of synthetic rubber for tire manufacture as well as a wide range of products, such as surgical gloves, golf balls and adhesives.

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