Got light-weight milk?

You got fat-free, lactose-free, lite, skim, flavored and soon..light-weight milk.

This technology is actually targeted more for bottled milk producers (and suppliers/distributors) rather than milk consumers. BASF said it has developed the world’s lightest half-liter polystyrene bottle specifically geared for milk product containers because of the special properties of the plastic – maybe the acid in orange juice will melt the bottle???

BASF said it was successful in producing the 7.5 gram bottle from a conventional stretch blow-molding machine. As all green people now know, less weight translates to lesser raw material consumption, less energy to transport, lesser waste and sometimes lower product costs.

I do wonder if that new polystyrene will have a slightly premium price than the traditional PS. Will that premium be absorbed by milk distributors and not pass on to consumers?

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