Green chemicals reached $1.63bn

This is not about my blog’s revenue (which, unfortunately, currentlyamounts to zero) but pertaining to the global renewable chemicalsmarket.

According to consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, revenues for the global biorenewable chemicals market reached $1.63 billion last year and is expected to increase to $5 billion in 2015. Most of the growth is driven by fast development of microorganisms that produce higher chemical yields as well as the volatility of petroleum oil.

Of course, there is the environmental benefits as well.

“Emission levels are reduced with the use of bio-based feedstock in chemical manufacture. The manufacturing process of sorona bio plastic from renewable feedstock lowers green house gases by up to 50 per cent, compared to the manufacturing process of Nylon 6 from non-renewable feedstock.” - Frost & Sullivan

Some of the chemicals analyzed in the report include lactic acid, succinic acid, glycerol, 1,3 propanediol in plastics, bio composites and other green chemicals.

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