Green ski boots from DuPont

DuPont’s renewable-source Hytrel® RS thermoplastic elastomers can now be found in this ski boots made by sports gear manufacturer Salomon. DuPont said the ski boots is one of the first commercial use of their plastic, which are made using vegetable oil-based polyol. The renewable-based content of the elastomer used in the boot is said to be 27% by weight (hey no greenwashing here!).

DuPont’s Hytrel® RS thermoplastic elastomers are said to contain between 20% and 60% renewably-sourced material depending on the application. The company pointed out that the boot’s impact resistance and flexibility at low temperatures is comparable to the traditional performance characteristics of their Hytrel line that are not made with renewable-based polyols.

Salomon confirmed that the renewable-based elastomer can be easily moulded and processed by conventional thermoplastic methods.

With this kind of green and gorgeous boots, it makes me (almost) want to learn how to ski!

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