How to get green sleep

I have back-to-back (to back) article deadlines for the next two weeks and therefore will be unable to post as much as I could.

This news, however, is too interesting to pass up as I am what you call a “sleep connoisseur”. Maybe I should join the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) – yes there is such a group and in fact they just established the first mattress/bedding industry “Green Initiative.”

“While we laud the overall movement towards environmentally-friendly sleep products, we are aware that there is a green washing taking place at retail, with every manufacturer and supplier using its own definitions of what is green, sustainable or natural. This is causing a tremendous amount of confusion with consumers and we as an industry must take a leadership role in creating a uniform set of standards and definitions.” - SSA President Dale T. Read, who is also the publisher of BEDROOM Magazine.

The green initiative, according to SSA, is a step-by-step process designed to identify, define and set standards for how mattress manufacturers and retailers label “green” and natural sleep products such as mattresses, box springs and pillows. The group plans to create a certification program based on existing legitimate standards and programs as well as sleep industry specific terms and standards for mattresses and bedding.

Searching for some past posts revealed green bedding products such as Natural Care mattresses by Simmons Bedding Company (featuring Dow’s soy-based polyols), and organic mattress by Vivetique. By the way, are mattresses recyclable?

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