New green chemicals

Here are some of the new green chemicals launched in February. The enzymes market seems to be churning a lot for the cellulosic ethanol industry.

1. Polyone BPA-free compound - PolyOne unveiled its first commercial compounds made with Eastman Tritan(TM) copolyester. The compounds are free of bisphenol-A and said to provide numerous processing advantages as compared with other transparent polymers.

2. Florida Tire Recycling - Florida Tire Recycling Inc. launched its Closed-Loop Product Lifecycle Solution program designed to recycle, reuse and reclaim 100% of discard waste tires.

3. Cognis green solution - Cognis launched several new green chemical products at the European Coatings Show 2009 that include new “green” defoamers, new highly efficient rheology modifiers, “green” dispersing agents, and a natural oil-based coalescent for water-based coatings.

4. Genencor textile enzyme - Genencor introduces PrimaGreen® EcoFade LT100, a ready-to-use enzyme product for denim bleaching and shading. The enzyme enables bleaching at neutral pH and low temperature, providing savings in rinsing water, neutralization chemicals, and savings in energy.

5. Colonial Chemical green surfactant - Colonial Chemical introduced Suga®Det APG-10, a naturally derived alkyl polyglucoside material that can be used in a variety of cleaning formulations where extreme pH and high concentrations of electrolytes exist.

6. Genencor ethanol enzyme - Genencor launched Accellerase® 1500, the next generation of its cellulosic ethanol enzyme product. The enzyme will lower one of the major cost hurdles to producing ethanol or biochemicals from cellulosic feedstocks, such as corn stover, sugarcane bagasse, wood chips, wheat straw, and switchgrass.

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