Plastic recycler produces oil

Oregon-based plastic recycler Agri-Plas claims to be the first company in the US to convert unrecyclable agricultural plastics — dirty agricultural film, greenhouse cover, mixed nursery and jug material, prepackaged food containers and lids, etc. — into crude oil.

The plastics were usually discarded in landfills or is abandoned, burned or buried on Northwest farms and nurseries.

Agri-Plas recently delivered its first full tanker (8,200 gallons) of oil to a refinery in Tacoma, Wash., which translates to a final delivery of 196 barrels of oil. Now we don’t have to wait millions of years to get certain crude oil from the ground! Brilliant huh?!

The company claims the oil can be refined and used in literally thousands of high-end products ranging from makeup to food items, as well as gasoline, diesel, lubricants and other petroleum-based products.

Agri-Plas is gearing up to deliver its second shipment of crude oil this month. The company is also planning to expand its operations within the next several months and within the next year, hopes to create up to 58 new green-collar jobs at its headquarters in Brooks, Oregon.


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