Teijin launches eco technologies

Japanese chemical company Teijin has been very active in their green product development these past few years and I will in fact attend their New York press conference tomorrow morning (March 31).

At the event, they will globally launch their Eco-A-Wear, said to be the first environment-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and Eco-Circle, said to be the world’s first closed-loop recycling system for used polyester products.

I hope you follow my tweets as I talk to Teijin executives and fabric engineers regarding these technologies. I’ll post a blog (after I do my ICIS news duty) for more complete coverage of the event.

In the meantime, the company also said (via email) that Mazda Motor Corp. is now using 100% of Teijin’s BIOFRONT plant-based bioplastic in car seat fabric for Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid.

Mazda began leasing the car on March 25.

BIOFRONT, according to Teijin, is an innovative heat-resistant bioplastic with a melting point of 210°C, significantly higher than the 170°C melting point of conventional polylactide (PLA).

Teijin plans to continue to refine BIOFRONT fabric for use in automobiles, aiming at sales within the industry of 100 million yen ($1.03 million) in 2011 and 300 million yen ($3.1 million) in 2012.

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