Earth day roundup

Like most green bloggers and reporters will tell you, Earth Day is a good time to clean up one’s email inbox if you don’t want incoming emails bouncing back.

This article from talks about the good, the bad and the ugly as companies come out in full force hawking their green wares and spreading the message of their greenness to the world wide web.

Here are also a few examples of them:

Airline industry:

  • Delta Commemorates Earth Day 2009 by Matching Customer Donations to Offset Carbon Emissions
  • Pledge Green with JetBlue: Do Your ‘One Thing That’s Green’ To Help Protect Our Environment
  • Virgin America Teams Up With California State Parks Foundation For Earth Day

Auto industry:

  • General Motors Redefining Environmental Sustainability of its Plants and Intellectual Energy Drives Green Technologies at GM
  • Nissan Celebrates Earth Day with EV prototype; Partners wtih Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Ford‘s Accelerated Battery Research drives development of vehicle electrification plans
  • Chrysler Celebrates Earth Day by Revealing All-New Electric Minivan Concepts to U.S. Postal Service


  • Wal-Mart to Nearly Double Solar Energy Use in California

  • Whole Foods Market Announces Alternative Energy Investment, Energy Savings with New Store Designs, Existing Store Retrofits

  • Sainsbury‘s selects Smartcool’s Energy Saving Module for chain-wide Re-Fit environmental program

  • Kroger Continues To Make Progress Toward Greater Environmental Sustainability

Food, cosmetics, electronics, etc.:

  • Verizon Business Volunteers ‘Dig’ Earth Day Activities

  • Alcatel-Lucent Celebrates Earth Week With Launch of Eco-Attitude Awareness Campaign

  • Tropicana Teams Up With Cool Earth for ‘Rescue The Rainforest’ Campaign

  • Lexmark study educates consumers and businesses on improving efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint and Offers 10 easy tips to instantly reduce your carbon footprint

  • L’Oreal Sets Green Goals and Promotes an Eco-Responsible Business Model

Industry associations:

  • Milk Does a Planet Good
  • CSPA Honors Earth Day With Commitment to Green Chemistry
  • Earth Day Trivia Questions About Aerosol Products

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