I find sometimes that Earth Day, which is being celebrated today allover the world, is becoming too hype and full of marketing BS for mytaste.

But that’s just me…

In a more amusing but maybe sinister tone for some, being eco-friendly and green is becoming extreme as reported by this Washington Post article. Extreme green living is already causing tension among families, divorces and being equated as a religion by some.

Here are cited examples by the article:

  • InTakoma Park, a sister refuses her brother’s idea to keep a five-gallonbucket in the shower to catch the water that bounces off her and thenuse it to do the laundry.

  • In western LoudounCounty, a family quietly defies a mother’s rules. She likes locallyraised bacon, whole-grain bread and raw milk. But somebody keepssmuggling in Chef Boyardee.
  • Also in Tacoma Park, a husband refuses his wife of having another child, which has too high of an environmental cost.
  • InFairfax County, a husband wanted to move to Arizona and live in thedesert in a trailer, with only an experimental kind of air conditionerto keep cool.

  • Near Leesburg, a couple is using aherd of sheep as a low-emissions mower. The wife said no to canning herown food and hand-grinding her own flour.

If I were you, I’dturn my computer off after reading my blog, go home, sleep (don’tforget to turn off the light!) and you’ll be lowering a lot moreemissions this way. Happy Earth Day everyone!

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