Green-slapped Gwyneth Paltrow

Now to the more serious side of green issues…

Itseems that green protagonist celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow is getting redin the face from recent scaremongering accusation and green-washingsort of claim.

In February, the Times Onlinereported that while championing green issues, Paltrow’s London house issaid to be wasting 1,020kWh of heat/year. The Times emphasized on itsreport that Paltrow backed the American “Act Green” energy conservationcampaign. It also reported several top green environmentalists withleaking energy houses.

Back to Paltrow, according to the Telegraph (a tweeter tip from LovelyLara-thanks!), scientists are recently accusing her of scaremongering in herwebsite, where she wrote that she is afraid for her childrenbecause of the toxic ingredients contained in everyday items such asshampoo, cleaning products, paint, carpets, toys and home furnishings.

She quoted a US pediatrician claiming that children are at risk from these products.

Scared of everyday items…don’t we have a disease for that??

Ms. Paltrow is already getting lots of flak especially for her lifestyle tips in her web site, according to the New York Times.

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