Huntsman on a green hunt

Huntsman is busy churning out eco-friendly chemicals… maybe to makethe company more attractive to other “potential” buyers after beingdumped by Hexion?

(Ok I admit I’ve been busy watching reruns of the recent “The Bachelor” so Huntsman folks, pls. don’t sue me LOL!)

Lastmonth, Huntsman launched three new products: a bio-based glycerinecarbonate, an enzyme-based textile bleaching solution in partnershipwith Genencor, and a new repellent and soil release finishes for thetextile industry.

Huntsman’s JEFFSOL Glycerine Carbonateis a bio-based specialty chemical useful as a reactive intermediate andas a solvent. It can be polymerized or reacted with isocyanates oracrylates for applications in coatings, adhesives and lubricants. Thecompany says it is also attractive for personal care applications.

Huntsman’s Gentle Power Bleachperoxide bleach system uses an innovative enzyme from Genencor(according to them), which allows for low temperature bleaching oftextiles at 65°C and at a neutral pH range. They said savings in waterand energy consumption of up to 40% are possible with the bleach.

Asfor the textile finish, Huntsman said the technology is a DuPontCapstone products which are now being sold by Huntsman under thedesignation OLEOPHOBOL® CP. The products are based on short-chain molecules that cannot break down to PFOA in the environment.

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