March list of new green chemicals

March saw quite a lot of new green chemicals and Huntsman seems to lead the pack. That is why I have a separate post for them.

As for the rest, here they are in no particular order:

1. Rohm and Haas microbial control - Rohm and Haas introduced KATHON™ CF 400 microbicide,a new concentrated, metal-free formulation for microbial control.KATHON™ CF 400 is targeted toward the water treatment industry toprevent or remedy fouling in cooling towers or air washers.

2. Dow specialty surfactants - Dow Chemical launched in Europe its ECOSURF EH specialty surfactants,a new generation of high performance, readily biodegradable surfactantsdesigned for use in hard surface cleaning, textile processing, inks,paints and coatings, and agricultural chemicals.

3. PURAC and TOYOBO PLA - PURAC and its new partner TOYOBO introduced into the European market their Vyloecol®, a patented amorphous and biodegradable poly lactic acid (PLA) and is soluble in standard organic solvents.

4. Owens Corning asphalt - Owens Corning introduced enhancements for the application of durable built up roofing systems with new TruLo(R) Max Lo Odor, Low-fuming Asphalt. The asphalt trap 90% of fumes at the kettle and reduces 55% more odor-causing compounds on application.

5. Green Earth Technologies cleaner - Green Earth Technologies introduced G-CLEAN biodegradable, dissolvable pouches,a pressure washer cleaning products that can go through the pump safelyfor a high foaming and “greener” clean made from American-grown plantbase oils.

6. Chemstar glass cleaner - Chemstar Corporation introduced an ultra-concentrated formulation of glass cleaner comprised of ingredients determined by the Environmental Protection Agency to be the safest in their class.

7. Eastman coatings additives - Eastman Chemical Company launched its Solus Performance Additives for VOC-compliant waterborne and high solids solventborne systems.

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