Too much greenwashing these days

Now that you read (hopefully you did) about my recent posts about several new eco-friendly products recently launched in the market; Kimberly-Clark’s new green tissue and diapers; Frito-Lay’s biodegradable packaging and PepsiCo’s Eco-Fina water bottle, my question is do you think many of these product and technology launches are just greenwashing??

According to TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, 98% of green products they surveyed are guilty of at least one sin of greenwashing especially in toys, baby products and cosmetics.

“TerraChoice’s survey of 2,219 consumer products in the U.S. and Canada shows that 98% committed at least one Sin of Greenwashing and that some marketers are exploiting consumers’ demand for third-party certification by creating fake labels or false suggestions of third-party endorsement. Despite the number of legitimate eco-labels out there, consumers will still have to remain vigilant in their green purchasing decisions”

TerraChoice’s 2009 Seven Sins of GreenWashing report also investigated the state of greenwashing in the United Kingdom and Australia, including examining almost 1,000 products in each of these two countries, revealing that greenwashing is an international challenge.

TerraChoice by the way announced that a new GreenWashing sin emerged this year, the “Sin of ‘Worshiping False Labels”, which describes an effort by some marketers to exploit consumers’ demand for third-party certification with fake labels or claims of third-party endorsement.

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