Sears to sell Teijin’s eco suits

At Teijin’s press conferencein New York yesterday, the Japanese chemical company announced that bigUS retailer Sears has partnered with them and will start selling on May15 (in 500 stores) a washable business suit made from Teijin’s Eco-A-Wear fabric.

Thefabric is composed of 54% recycled polyester, 42% wool and 4% stretchedspandex. Teijin’s recycled polyester by the way is made from usedpolyethylene terephtalate (PET) bottles. According to them it took 252-liter bottles to make one suit.

Sears will sell the jacket for$175 and the trousers for $75, which is not a bad price at all(according to the guys that I asked around and the gurus from a textilemagazine).

Nowa washable, eco-friendly menswear suit doesn’t seem appealing but whenI saw the suit and felt the fabric, I was amazed at how it looks andfeels the same as any typical traditional suit. The models look hot inthem! (as you can see in the pic).

And since it’s washable,Teijin emphasized that there is no need to dryclean them which is a bigplus in saving money and reducing the use of perchloroethylene.

Alsoat the conference, Teijin launched their Eco Circle closed-looprecycling technology for used polyester products such as garments, bagsand curtains. When consumers want to discard these products they can goto retailers that have partnered with Teijin and have them recycledinstead of dumping them in garbage – (maybe these retailers will evengive discounts for those who faithfully recycle!).

Teijin have this really cute animation of how Eco Circle works in this link. Wish I could embed it on a video though.

Teijinmentioned yesterday that Sears are in talks with them about the EcoCircle program. Unfortunately, the recycling itself is only being donein Teijin’s plant in Japan right now but if this catches (Teijinalready have 100 company/organization participants worldwide), theywill expand their capacity outside of Japan.

The company alsoemphasized that all recycling (from PET bottles to garments being sold,and used garments being recycled to polyester fabrics) are traced andaccounted for by the company.

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