Top Green Oilers

Oil companies are usually environmentalists’ biggest nemesis but the website Greenopia admitted that you can’t live without ‘em…yet.

So they ranked the top ten most sustainable oil companies based on their production efficiency, oil spill efficiency, sustainability reporting, alternative energy investments, climate change position and resource efficiency.

And here are the results:

  1. British Petroleum – said to have one of the most transparent and complete sustainability reports as well as taking its slogan “Beyond Petroleum” seriously.
  2. Sunoco – excellent environmental reporting and extremely efficient practices in conserving water and reducing waste.
  3. Shell – serious investment in renewable resources.
  4. Hess – good sustainability reporting and water usage efficiency.
  5. Marathon – the smallest number of spills and the smallest amount spilled.
  6. Exxon – production efficiency and oil spill efficiency.
  7. Conoco Philips – one of the few who reports amount of hazardous waste generated.
  8. Chevron – good portfolio in alternative fuel investments.
  9. Valero – low greenhouse gas emissions.

  10. Citgo – oil spill efficiency.

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