Who is Pepsico’s plastic maker?

I am trying to guess whose plastic technology PepsiCo uses for its new Eco-Fina water bottle, which is said to be the lightest half-liter water bottle in the market.

The new bottled water is now available in retail stores nationwide this month. Pepsico said it weighs 10.9 grams and is made with 50% less plastic than the previous half-liter Aquafina bottles.

Here’s another nicely made video of PepsiCo’s new Eco-Fina (no it doesn’t compost like the previous SunChips bag post).

Aside from eliminating 75 million pounds of plastic use per year, it also eliminate the use of cardboard base pads from Eco-Fina Bottle 24-packs, which will contribute to saving 20 million pounds of corrugate by 2010, according to the company.

I was guessing that maybe BASF has their hand on this plastic technology as they also developed the world’s lightest half-liter polystyrene bottle for milk product container. But your guess is as good (or bad) as mine.

Another recent news from PepsiCo is that the company is currently testing the use of eco-friendly refrigeration system in their vending machines in Washington DC area. The machines use carbon dioxide (CO2) as refrigerant instead of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

PepsiCo said this marks the first time that vending machines cooled by CO2 have been introduced in the United States. In other countries, the company is also testing thousands of machines using refrigerants such as isobutane and propane.

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