April green chemicals

A record-breaking product launch last month for chemicals that arepurportedly eco-friendly, green, sustainable (etc) maybe in celebrationof earth week? There were lots of twittering this week about green washing and growing skepticism on “green” products and so I wonder which one of these will not make the green cut…

1. Rhodia eco-solvent - Rhodia says its new solvent, Rhodiasolv IRIS,designed for numerous uses such as paint stripping, graffiti removers,industrial cleaning, paint and coating formulation, is readilybiodegradable, non VOC* (volatile organic compound), non toxic and nonflammable. The product is said to be a suitable alternative totraditional VOC solvents or toxic solvents, such as methylene chlorideor N-Methylpyrrolidone.

2. PPG green coatings - PPG Industries says its new Desoprime HS CA 7502 high-solids exterior epoxy primer can be an alternative to chromated pretreatment and primers used in aircraft painting system.

3. Teknor’s phthalate alternative plasticizers - Teknor Apex now offers alternativesto phthalate plasticizers for vinyl toys and child-care products. Thecompany says every vinyl compound supplied by Teknor is formulated forrecyclability.

4. Clariant sunflower emulsifier - Clariant introduced its new “green” Hostacerin® SFO- a sunflower-oil based emulsifier for creams, lotions and sun careproducts produced via an energy-saving process. The emulsifier isEcocert-certified. 5. Cognis green coating additives - Cognis unveiled its newest solutions for the architectural coatingsmarket including new “green” defoamers, “green” dispersing agents, anda natural oil-based coalescent for water-based architectural paints andcoatings.

6. Wacker microencapsulated tea tree oil - Wacker was able to encapsulated the essential oil tea tree oil in starch-based cyclodextrinproducing its new product Cavamax W7 tea tree oil complex, which openedup a broad range of uses for this valuable oil including cosmetics andpersonal care.

7. Moltcorp arsenic removal - Molycorp Minerals has begun marketing its new patented XSORBX® ASP- Arsenic Sequestration Process for the removal of arsenic fromindustrial process streams. The process is expected to decrease thecost of dealing with the arsenic-laden waste materials and reduce theoverall environmental footprint of operations such as nickel mining andsmelting operations.

8. MCG biocomposites - MCG BioComposites developed a new biocomposites material, MCGB HDPER 2009XP279with 20% corn cob filler. Applications for the new material would bethe same as wide specification or virgin HDPE with some being forhandles, low pressure pipe, electronic cases, control enclosures valvesand pumps.

9. Genencor biomass ethanol enzymes - Genencor, a division of Danisco, launched three new products for its Accellerase® enzymeproduct line. Accellerase® XY, XC, and BG are accessory enzyme productsfor small-scale process development that enhance ethanol productionfrom biomass.

10. Lanxess eco plastics - Lanxess will soon market its Eco plastic linethat include Durethan ECO BV 35 H2 , a polyamide 6, and Pocan ECO T3240 and Pocan ECO T 3230, two blends of polybutylene and recycledpolyethylene terephthalate (PBT+R-PET). The products contain between 20and 30 percent recycled material.

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