EPA cancels carbofuran use

Before I delved more deeply into the green regulatory buzzwords of the week CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) and ACES (American Clean Energy and Security Act), let me go to the more simple news such as this cancellation of carbofuran registration by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The blog posted last yearin July about EPA’s proposal to cancel the pesticide’s registration. Iguess it took them almost a year to make a definite action as the soleproducer of the pesticide, FMC, filed a protest (and a lawsuit) againstthe EPA. The agency started its carbofuran cancellation effort in 2006.

Carbofuranis an N-methyl carbamate insecticide and nematicide that has beenregistered to control pests in soil and on leaves in a variety offield, fruit, and vegetable crops. According to the EPA, all productscontaining carbofuran generally cause unreasonable adverse effects onhumans and the environment and do not meet safety standards, andtherefore are ineligible for reregistration.

FMC said it will file objections and seek an administrative hearing.

Withthe EPA action, FMC said it can still sell and growers can usecarbofuran until December 31, 2009. The company will follow allavailable administrative procedures and hopes to have the productavailable for the next crop growing year.

One problem with the cancellation registration, according to FMC, isthat there are no alternatives to carbofuran in certain plantapplication such as in sunflower or killing rootworm. One ‘concernedfarmer’ who commented last year on the blog said that carbofuran is oneof the only chemicals that kills soybean aphids.

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  1. Climatarians green community 6 December, 2009 at 8:09 am #

    Policies concerning green initiatives are definitely a tricky matter. Although laws may be passed against the use of certain chemicals, there is always the possibility of no alternative to that particular chemical. So a holistic approach needs to be taken to tackle the whole issue. At the Climatarians directory, we run a global sustainability website that addresses many of these issues.

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