New soy-based industrial projects

The United Soybean Board (USB) gave me an update during the #AOCS meeting about new industrial projects (and a long list at that) on soy-based development as of April 2009.

In plastics category, there are about 28 projects; 7 in lubricants and solvents; 6 in fibers; 23 in coatings, inks and adhesives; and 15 in other emerging industrial applications such as soy oil biofuel cell; arabitol/xylitol from biodiesel-based glycerol; high energy density glycerol battery; soy meals to hydrogels; and methyl soyate as a mosquito larvicide.

Recently completed projects include:

  • Dow Chemical’s soy polyol monomer development and trials
  • Chevron Phillips’ soy-based polythiol research and development
  • The University of Wisconsin’s soy protein properties for thermoplastic applications
  • PARC Technical Service’s used soy oil hydroprocessing evaluation
  • Iowa State University’s soy mid-oleic and low linolenic (1%) beans production
  • TribSys’ development of soy oil for metal working fluids
  • Battelle Memorial Institutes’s development of soy-based powder coatings
  • Lehigh University’s Optimizing UV/EB curing of soy for inks
  • Cambridge Biopolymers’ soy oil for use as thermoset adhesive resins
  • St. Louis University’s development of soy oil biofuel cell
  • TNO’s soy meal as a water soluble hydrogel for irrigation

Projects that have contract in progress or are recently authorized include:

  • Elevance Renewable Sciences’ petrolatum from soy oil via metathesis
  • Marvin Technology Associates’ development of cost effective soy flake-based fiber
  • Clemson University’s soy protein processing routes for fibers and films
  • Tens Tech Inc.’s processing finishes and surface modifiers for soy fiber
  • North Dakota State University’s development of soy-based UV curable coatings
  • Forest Products Lab’s improved performance for heat resistant soy adhesives
  • Kansas State University’s soy oil latex for pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Niemann & Associates’ soy oil polymers as roofing/insulation adhesives
  • Sherwin Williams’ development of waterborne soy latex emulsions
  • University of Tennessee’s acrolein from crude glycerol by supercritical water technology

In the oils-related news, European equipment supplier Mann+Hummel Group has developed an air filter system made from bio-polyamide, which is now ready for commercial production. The polyamide used for the filter, supplied by BASF, consists of around 60% sebacic acid which is obtained from castor oil.

For more on the development of fats and oils-based industrial applications, read my April 27 article on ICIS Chemical Business. Other articles in this Fats and Oils feature include an exclusive Q&A with the CEO of Brazilian fatty alcohol producer Oxiteno; the state of Asia’s biodiesel and oleochemical market; the biodiesel war between Europe and the US; and the greening of the polyurethane market worldwide.

Happy fats and oils reading!


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