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I’m off this week to the Mickey Mouse World attending the American Oil Chemists Society’s (AOCS) centennial meeting. Posts will be a little erratic as I cover the event but watch out for my tweetsabout the state of biodiesel, developments in the use of fats and oilsin industrial and chemical applications, and regulatory presentationson surfactants, cosmetics and cleaning products.

For now, hereare last week’s news roundup focusing mostly on alternative energy (toobusy meeting deadlines last week to search for more..)

World’s largest solar tower plant

Abengoa Solar has begun commercial operation of the new PS20 solar powertower plant located at the Solucar Platform, near Seville (Spain). Thenew 20-megawatt solar power plant will produce enough energy to supply10,000 homes. In another news, Abengoa is said to be developing new materials for higher-efficient and lower-cost CO2 capture processes.

Clean coal plant starts

White Energy Company (WEC) completed construction of the first one million tonne/year clean coal upgrading modular plantat Bayan’s Tabang mine in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The plantutilises WEC’s Binderless Coal Briquetting clean coal upgradingtechnology. Biodiesel patent filed

HyPower Fuel has filed for patentpending status to protect its novel, waterless biodiesel productionprocess. The patent protection will allow HyPower to formalize andexecute its comprehensive worldwide sales and marketing strategy forthe process.

Total invest in Gevo

French oil and gas company Total investedin advanced biofuels producer Gevo. The company is commercializingtechnology for the cost effective production of biofuels and greenchemicals and plastics.

Largest rooftop solar system

Shering-Plough commenced the completionof a 1.7 megawatt solar energy system located atop seven buildings atthe company’s Summit, N.J., site. The system is said to be one of thelargest photovoltaic rooftop installations in New Jersey and NorthAmerica.

And in ICIS News (requires subscription):

Hybrid- and electric-vehicle drive systems could become standard on automobiles if engineers resolve cost and safety issues, said hybrid battery supplier Cobasys.

The banon the biocide dimethylfumarate (DMF) in consumer products on sale inthe EU will come into force on 1 May, according to the EuropeanCommission.

Minnesotais about to become the first US state to require a 5-percent biodieselblend in its fuel supply, boosting domestic demand for the beleagueredindustry.


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