Weekly News Roundup

Sooo many news to catch up such especially updates on the wind energymarket, green plastics, regulations and developments in the cleaningindustry, and a little bit of green chemistry overview. Hopefully I’llbe able to post a lot of them this week.

I’ll also attendtomorrow’s Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ (NY branch) Suppliers’ Day andmaybe will get some updates on new green ingredients [and processing]development for cosmetics and personal care. Stay tune!

For now, here are last week’s new roundup:

Europe wants woodchips

Green Energy Resources a 5-year contract for thirty-six (36) shipments per year of woodchips forenergy use valued at $61 million/year. The company’s target is tocapture a 20% market share of European woodchip energy imports by 2011.

Green Americhem

Color and additive solutions provider Americhemsays it is switching its primary coolant use in manufacturing to liquidnitrogen to reduce CO2 emissions. The company also plans to have zerolandfill output from all their facilities by the end of 2013. Braskem ups money on green plastic

Brazilian plastic producer Braskemis investing R$8.5 million to expand research on green polypropyleneproduction from ethanol. Braskem is already producing the green polymeron a small scale and now wants to scale up to commercial production.(Google-translated English version of the press release here).

Wind turbine venture

Ashland formed a joint effortwith Amtech, LLC and Endurance Wind Power to produce wind turbineblades at Amtech’s North American manufacturing facility in Washingtonstate. Ashland will contribute its new resins and associated productsfor Amtech’s composite manufacturing and wind blade production.

Ashland’s green connection

AshlandDistribution, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., in alliance with JHMTechnologies, Inc., New Boston RTM and SR Composites, LLC, introducedthe “Green Connection” to offer customers a program for closed-molding processes focused on improving productivity and environmental performance.

And in ICIS news (requires subscription):

The US Supreme Court ruled last week that Shellwas not responsible for the clean-up of an agricultural-chemical wastesite in California, reversing a decision of a lower court.

Belgian organization Bio Base Europehas started work on a pilot plant to explore the use of bio-basedchemical products aiming to expand the bio-based economy in theFlanders-Netherlands border region.

BioMCN has restarted its methanol plant at Delfzijl, the Netherlands, and expects commercial bio-methanol production within two weeks.

Ontario’sproposed legislation to reduce toxic substances is flawed andunnecessarily costly for producers,according to Ottawa-based CanadianChemical Producers Association (CCPA).

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