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As mentioned last week, the chemical industry’s lawyers and lobbyistsare busy lining up in Washington to have their say on the recentlyproposed Waxman-Markey bill especially concerning its cap-and-tradeemissions plan.

Speaking of lobbyists, the New York Times posteda pretty interesting article on top climate change lobbyists inWashington, which I’ll post later on this week. For now here are someof last week’s green news from around the world:

Rhodia’s GHG reduction project

Rhodiareceived the first Emission Reduction Units generated in Europe, comingfrom a greenhouse gas emission reduction project located in its Frenchindustrial site of Salindres. The project, which started in August2008, will enable an average annual reduction of about 200 000 tons ofCO2 equivalent over the 2009-2012 period.

Fluor’s new clean energy biz

Engineering company Fluorhas formed a dedicated business line within its Power Group to focus onglobal renewable energy needs specifically for clients in the solar,wind and biomass sectors. Green power-certified carpet

BASFpurchased Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Green Power Switch Program®,for use in its carpet-backing latex production at their Chattanooga,Tennessee, facility. TVA’s green power is derived from solar, wind andmethane gas.

First degradable metallic packaging

Mexican leading baked goods company Grupo Bimbohas begun using degradable metallic polypropylene packaging for itsproducts, which disintegrates within a period of 3 to 5 years after theproduct’s shelf life. The technology works by incorporating apro-degrading additive during the packagings’ manufacturing process.

Organic fragrance expanded

Fragrance house Arylessenceexpanded its organic and natural fragrance portfolio, which aredesigned to meet the strictest 100% organic requirements, and as wellas the ‘natural ingredient’ certification as defined by the FDA.

Solar modules for Prius

Kyocerais supplying solar modules for the new Toyota Prius solar ventilationsystem, which ventilates the air inside of the car by using theelectricity generated by the solar module on the rooftop to drive thefans while the car is parked during the daytime. This featureautomatically moderates temperature rise inside of the vehicle evenduring hot seasons.

And in ICIS news (subscription required):

Eastman Chemicalsaid US Coca-Cola’s unveiling of a recyclable polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) plastic bottle made partly from plant-basedmaterials is an extension of a trend of companies moving to PETpackaging.

The climate change billbeing proposed in the House of Representatives could help revive USindustry and drive substantial new demand for chemistry productsaccording to DuPont and BASF.

US technical standards agency ASTM Internationalis developing new resin identification codes to help assuage consumers’fears about which plastics contain the controversial chemicalbisphenol-A.

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  1. Ernest Norsworthy 26 May, 2009 at 11:27 am #

    TVA’s “Green Power” scam

    Once upon a time in the heat of battles with tax-raising Democrats, the governor of Arkansas set up a fund called “pay more taxes”. It, of course, was a resounding flop – nobody wants to pay more taxes unless forced to do so.

    Well, the TVA has a “Green Power Switch Program”. It’s simple but people are duped into believing it somehow goes for “green power” when in fact it is premium electricity payments that merely go into TVA’s unfathomable debt hole. I call it a scam.

    Now BASF may proudly say their carpet backing is part of TVA’s “Green Power” program. A two way scam.

    For those interested in finding out a lot more than they probably ever wanted to know about the TVA, see http://norsworthyopinion.com

    Ernest Norsworthy

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