Wind farm ‘kills Taiwanese goats’

Bats may not be the only creatures having problems with wind farms. It seems these are also being blamed for these goats’ insomnia-related deaths.

According to this report from BBC News, the poor goats (about 400 of them) died from exhaustion because of noise coming from the wind turbines installed almost 40 meters away near the goat owner’s grazing land.

The power company, Taipower, has offered to pay for part of the costs of building a new farmhouse elsewhere although the company reportedly doubted the goats died from the noise.

“The goats looked skinny and they weren’t eating. One night I went out to the farmhouse and the goats were all standing up; they weren’t sleeping.”

The goat owner Mr Kuo Jing-shan had 750 goats and now only have 250 left. He was said to be the only farmer to have reported such large-scale deaths.

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