Green workers feel safe says Reuters

A recent Reuters survey indicate that green collar workers (about 68% of those who were polled) felt secured in their jobs because of heightened response in the past few years from government and business to the threat of climate change.

The Reuters’ Carbon Salary Survey, conducted along with green sector recruiters Acre Resources and consultants Acona, polled nearly 1,200 professionals who work in areas like renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions trading.

The average green collar worker makes $76,000 per year, the survey showed, with half of respondents receiving an annual bonus of around $11,000. The other half received no bonus.

U.S.-based workers were said to be the best paid, receiving salaries averaging $100,000, while Australasia followed closely with $93,000. Workers in Asia earned the least at $41,500.

Those working in the financial and legal sectors had the highest average salary ($116,000) and annual bonus ($95,500) while people working in green marketing, PR or media were the worst paid at $58,000 a year –> Hmmm, something should be done about this!

Below are some of the recent survey’s results:


AVERAGE SALARY: $76,000 per year

  • 50% that get a bonus: 50
  • Average bonus: $11,000
  • 96% with a university degree
  • 67% with a Masters/PhD
  • 77% satisfied with job
  • 68% feeling same or more job security in past year
  • 93% would recommend climate change-related job


Charity/Public Sector 9 $64,500

Advisory/Consultancy 34 $64,000

Consumer/Retail Goods 3 $84,000

Engineering/Construction 6 $68,500

Financial/Legal Services 11 $116,000

Industrial/Utility 7 $83,500

Marketing/PR/Media 2 $57,500

Natural Resources 3 $91,500

Renewable Energy/Technology 16 $76,500

Transportation 0.4 $86,500

Other 10 $76,500

The survey’s final report will be published on June 8.

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